‘Battle of Minds’ competition: Pitch your big idea! ūü߆

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We are very excited to announce that we are working with Battle of Minds again for 2022, to bring this global competition, and fantastic opportunity to our network.

This year’s competition¬†is¬†bigger and better than ever.

If you have a big idea that you’ve been itching to share, now’s your chance to receive the funding and guidance you need to turn your idea into a business.

Please note, the deadline for this year’s competition has been extended to¬†Sunday, 3rd July at 23:55¬†GMT.


This year’s winning team will¬†win…

The full support and backing needed to become entrepreneurs running your own business, along with a global prize of up to £50,000* to help launch your idea! *Subject to T&Cs

So, if you’re¬†keen to make your vision a reality, gather your team and¬†join the competition.¬†Anything is possible.

Check out the official page for more info on what other prizes are on offer and how you can win, and register your team today!



What does the Battle of Minds competition involve?

Battle of Minds is your chance to get creative, challenge yourself and put your entrepreneurial skills to the test.

Your and your team (teams should be no smaller than 2 people and no larger than a group of 4) will compete in challenging rounds, solving one of three exciting environmental, social or governance challenges.

For your chosen challenge, you will present your idea to a panel of judges comprised of innovative BAT leaders, showing how your idea could solve real-world problems and change the future of the world we know.

Please note, your pitch does not need to be perfected before you register your interest.

Moreover, even after your initial pitch submission, you will have time to further refine your pitch before presenting it to the panel of judges.

So, don’t let the close deadline put you off!

The Environment Challenge: Circular Economy

Circularity ‚Äď and driving a zero-waste economy ‚Äď is at the core of our¬†stance to deliver a greener tomorrow.

That means less plastic, less waste and more materials recovery, with products that are designed with sustainability at their core.


How would you help further embed circular economy principles? E.g., designing products that are made of waste or switching to recyclable packaging that both reduces waste and helps to save CO2 emissions?

The Social Challenge: Workplace Digitalisation

The pandemic has accelerated the shift towards a more digital world and led to changes in the way we live.

Many businesses around the world are having to deal with the ‚Äúhybrid‚ÄĚ in-person/remote work model that has the potential to become the new normal in many workplaces.


How would you build a bridge in the hybrid way of working between the office and digital nomads? E.g., by leveraging the metaverse?

The Governance Challenge: Blockchain

Blockchain is one of the technologies that enables a range of innovations using unchangeable, distributable digital ledgers.

Smart contracts, cryptocurrencies and NFTs are all based on Blockchain ‚Äď and the application of the technology for business is still in its infancy.


How might Blockchain be used for tracking and governance in the ESG space? E.g., by tracking the footprint of the supply chain?  


Using your own intuition and knowledge of the world, you’ll create an idea that could solve real-world problems and change the future of the world we know.

Make sure to build an effective strategy and share how your solution would work for your chosen area.

What will the winner receive?

This is your opportunity to have your voice heard, all entrants will receive support and expert guidance to put your big ideas into motion.

Anything is possible in Battle of Minds, so if you are looking to throw yourself into a new challenge, gather your team and join today.

There will be prizes for the winning UK team, who will then be invited to participate in the next (global) level of the competition.

The winning global team will receive access to an international network, expert advisors, and financial backing Рa cash prize of up to £50,000* (*subject to terms and conditions) to bring their winning idea to life and start their own enterprise!

Up to two further teams may also be selected by the global panel as runners up, each winning a prize of up to £25,000*, plus guidance, training, and all sorts of other resources too. (*Subject to T&Cs)

We’re ready to see what you’re made of. Are you ready?


How to register for Battle of Minds and who can join?

This year’s Battle of Minds competition is open to all current university students studying for a bachelor‚Äôs degree or those who have graduated within the last five years.


Gather your team (of 2 to 4 people) and register for Battle of Minds 2022 below!


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