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Psychology graduate schemes FAQs

  • Have you spent weeks searching ‘jobs I can get with psychology degree’, waiting to be enlightened? We deal with hundreds of graduates every week, and we know exactly what you’re looking for.

    If you’ve completed a psychology degree, you’re well set up to enter some very specialist and rewarding areas of work. Psychology is a very popular degree, and is a door opener in the professional world. The full scope of psychology degree jobs is quite extensive. It equips you with scientific, analytical, statistical, and personable skills, preparing you for a varied and exciting career journey.

    With some further study, you can become a psychologist, or you can pursue some other popular psychology graduate jobs, like:

    – Teaching
    – Research Analyst
    – Community Worker
    – Copywriter
    – Counsellor
    – Market Researcher
    – Policy Officer

    This list should demonstrate the broad job roles that encompass psychology’s key skills. It may not be a degree that opens you up to any job in particular (like an engineering or medical degree, for example), but equally it does not close off any paths like other degrees might. It can contribute to a very attractive CV.

    The best graduate psychology jobs for you will depend on what area of psychology you found particularly interesting. Or what skills you found yourself developing most effectively. If you found yourself excelling with written communication, you might want to look at copywriting or marketing roles. Alternatively, if you feel the numbers and statistics were where you thrived, you should seek out research or analyst opportunities.

    Either way, Give a Grad a Go has pages of jobs you can get with psychology degree! Have a chat with one of our team members, and they can help you find psychology BA degree jobs. For those who continued studying psychology as a postgrad, our jobs board has plenty of exciting master’s degree in psychology jobs for you – go ahead and take a look!

  • For some roles, the process for psychology grad jobs is not significantly more difficult than applying in other sectors. Having a psychology degree itself gives you great standing, but any experience or extra qualifications on top of this will really set you apart. Masters in psychology jobs, psychology PhD jobs, and psychology postgraduate jobs are sometimes, surprisingly, not as difficult. Due to the smaller number of people with these qualifications, you become a more desirable candidate, and as a result a more obvious hire.

    For certain psychology positions, you will need to do further studies. If you want to be a psychologist, a therapist, or a particular practitioner, you will need postgraduate training. After doing a BPS approved psychology bachelor’s degree, you would then need to undertake postgraduate training through the BPS. Further study would be needed for certain chartered specialities, which would allow you to get hired in very particular psychologist degree jobs. For example, you may have a masters in industrial organizational psychology, and then would pursue career paths in that area.

    There are other job roles that might not always require specific training, but for other reasons are always competitive due to factors such as the organisation being popular itself, e.g., NHS psychology graduate jobs.

    But we’re here to help! We’ve been placing graduates since 2009, and over this time have learnt every in and out of the graduate jobs market. Post your CV to our website and our consultants will be in touch. From there, we’ll do our best to start your psychology career together. If you’re here because you’ve been searching for jobs to get with a psychology degree, the browsing can end!

  • The field of psychology is diverse, encompassing various specialisations, industries, and roles. Here are some reasons why psychology jobs can have strong progression opportunities:

    Advanced degrees and specialisations: Pursuing advanced degrees such as a master’s or doctoral degree in psychology can open up opportunities for more specialised and higher-paying roles. Specialisations like clinical psychology, industrial-organizational psychology, counselling psychology, and neuropsychology often come with increased career prospects.

    Licensing and certifications: Many psychology roles require licensure or certification, which can lead to higher-level positions. Psychologists with proper licensure can provide clinical services, diagnose and treat mental health disorders, and engage in private practice.

    Clinical psychology: Professionals in clinical and counselling psychology can establish private practices, move into supervisory or directorial roles within clinics or organisations, and become experts in specific areas of therapy.

    Industrial-organisational psychology: In this field, progression opportunities include moving into management and leadership roles within human resources departments, consulting firms, or corporate settings. I-O psychologists can become organisational development specialists, HR managers, or training and development leaders.

    Academic and research careers: Individuals interested in research and academia can pursue roles as professors, researchers, and scholars at universities or research institutions. Advancement often includes conducting groundbreaking research, publishing papers, and securing research grants.


    The field of psychology is expansive, with lots of career options at your fingertips. Whatever

  • Psychology jobs require a diverse set of skills to effectively understand human behaviour, provide support, and contribute to research and analysis in various settings. The specific skills you need can vary depending on your chosen specialisation within psychology.

    Here are some essential skills for psychology roles:

    Empathy and active listening: Empathy is crucial for understanding and connecting with clients or research subjects. Active listening skills help you truly understand their concerns and experiences.

    Communication skills: Effective communication is essential for conveying complex ideas, explaining diagnoses, and providing guidance to clients, colleagues, and stakeholders.

    Critical thinking: Psychologists need to analyze information, draw conclusions, and develop treatment plans or research hypotheses based on evidence and data.

    Research and analysis: Proficiency in research methods, data collection, and statistical analysis is crucial for conducting psychological research and drawing meaningful conclusions.

    Problem-solving: Psychology involves addressing complex behavioural and mental health issues. Strong problem-solving skills are necessary to develop effective interventions.

    Time Management: Psychologists often manage caseloads, conduct research, and maintain administrative tasks. Effective time management skills ensure that all responsibilities are fulfilled.

    Collaboration: Psychologists frequently work as part of multidisciplinary teams, requiring effective collaboration with other professionals, such as social workers, physicians, educators, and therapists.

    Adaptability: The field of psychology evolves over time. Being adaptable to new research, technologies, and methods is important for staying current.

    Writing skills: Psychologists often write reports, research papers, treatment plans, and progress notes. Strong writing skills are necessary to convey information clearly and professionally.

    Remember that the specific skills needed can vary depending on the role and area of psychology – be sure to always check the job description of any role you are applying for, and tailor your CV to the skills listed in the job requirements.

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