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Graduate jobs in Leeds

  • Yes! Across the whole of the UK we advertise for an array of graduate jobs that don’t require any experience. This includes Leeds, where we have loads of interesting openings and exciting avenues to go down once you’ve graduated from university. And, with the knowledge that you’re bringing the knowledge of a BA with you, most companies do not ask for any particular experience for their openings.

    This obviously depends on the industry and the nature of the role. Certain graduate roles in Leeds will ask for experience: openings in law, software development, and finance, for example, will tend to look for some experience. This still isn’t always the case, and this is largely because of the technical nature of the roles, and due to the high volume of applicants they always receive.

    But there is an array of opportunities in everything from Fashion, to Marketing, to Property, and even HealthTech, all of which will not require any prior experience. The level of experience required (if any) will be articulated clearly in all of our job specs, under the Job Requirements section.

  • Ultimately, you can of course land a role without using a recruitment agency. However, when you’re applying for jobs while completing your studies, or once you’ve just graduated, the job market will likely appear a daunting prospect. There are endless companies, endless jobs, and seemingly endless things you have to do to get where you want to. This is why it’s smart to approach a graduate recruitment agency: we filter through the confusion and streamline the job hunt for you.

    On your own, this sort of work takes a huge amount of time, and you’ll be without the great resources we have at our disposal. In terms of graduate recruitment Leeds, our expertise is at the front of the pack. We’ve been assisting graduates since 2009, and our team, ethos, and service have grown with the market. We’ve absorbed and adapted to every obstacle (from financial crises to global pandemics), and assembled a team of smart, empathetic graduate recruiters along the way. This means you’ll be receiving advice from young people like yourselves, who understand both sides of the job hunt.

    We know what it’s like to leave university and be searching for your perfect career, but we also know exactly what the graduate job market is like. So, with this in mind, a graduate recruitment agency is the best place to start your graduate career Leeds!

  • The graduate jobs market is competitive, and not always the easiest to navigate. However, at Give a Grad a Go, we make it easy to find graduate jobs Leeds. With our detailed job search functions, you can filter out any roles that wouldn’t interest you, and end up with a list of openings that work for you.

    But the easiest way to find graduate opportunities Leeds is to register on our site, and get in touch with one of our recruiters. Our recruiters get to know candidates, and then can establish which roles and which companies will be best suited for them. This way you’ll be finding graduate positions Leeds that will fit your personality and ambitions. It is not just about finding a graduate role easily, but making sure the right research is done to find the right graduate job.

    So, whether you’re after graduate jobs in Leeds with immediate starts, or you can wait a little longer, Give a Grad a Go is a service you can trust.