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HR graduate schemes & entry level HR jobs

  • Human resources is one of the most important departments in every company. It is the department that is in charge of organising and overseeing a company’s employees. This includes hiring, onboarding, offboarding, administration, office management, and looking after individuals’ well-being. HR looks to encourage a healthy workplace environment. Businesses cannot grow sustainably without one.

    Such a process involves many different job roles. The size of HR teams differs depending on the company; often, one person will be covering the responsibilities of multiple positions. Some of these key jobs in HR are:

    • Talent acquisition
    • Director of People
    • HR Officer
    • HR Manager
    • Training officer
    • Employee relations manager

    HR roles are never hard to come by. Every company needs a HR department. So, HR graduate jobs are good to pursue if you’re looking for a sector with a high volume of vacancies. And, as with many jobs, it’s best to look at your own personality to work out whether you would fit well within entry level HR jobs. HR grad jobs require a supportive and communicative individual, who is willing to lead with sensitivity. If you are organised and empathetic, it could be worth browsing the HR graduate roles that Give a Grad a Go have on offer.

  • HR graduate programmes are very useful to pursue. Due to the nature of HR, it is a department that leans itself particularly well to graduate schemes. This is partly because it is best learnt in a professional environment. As a department that is committed to employees and office culture, there is no better way to develop yourself as a HR professional than to undertake a HR grad scheme and learn on the job.

    The best HR graduate schemes will make sure you experience the full scope of a HR department. This includes: recruitment, hiring, people management, training and development, and general employee relations. Make sure you’re applying for HR grad schemes that satisfy what you’re looking for. You may be interested in a certain facet of HR (like training and development, for example), and there will be human resources graduate schemes that focus on this specifically.

    So, not every scheme may be worth it. But, if you establish exactly what you’re looking for from a HR career, you’ll be able to find a human resources graduate programme that would be very worth your time.

    At the end of the day, careers in HR take a long time to build. Starting slowly is smart as it’ll benefit you more in the long run. And, with these kinds of HR graduate trainee jobs, you have the chance to really work out if this is the career for you. You may be interested in HR, but not know too much about it. Or, you might not know if you’ll thrive in a specific professional environment. So, such schemes prove a useful starting point for your graduate career.

  • Human resources graduate jobs become a lot easier to secure with the right experience. But it is not a necessity. Hiring managers put a lot of importance on your interview skills, due to how personable junior HR jobs are. A good degree will also go a long way to helping your application process. Business degrees in particular will look impressive, as they’ll give you a good grasp of general business practice. This is great foundational knowledge for entering a role that requires you to manage office spaces and potentially large teams of employees!

    Experience is of course favoured for HR grad jobs, though. Because human resources is a department that is about the office and about the managing professional environments, being able to demonstrate that you’ve worked within one is invaluable. There are HR graduate internships and HR opportunities that will give you opportunity to earn valuable practical experience alongside HR experts.

    There are also certain HR certifications that the industry values highly. Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) and Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) are two of the most respected. If you want something to add to your work experience and degree, these can be the perfect way to give you an extra edge when applying for HR roles.

    On our jobs board, we have plenty of HR jobs for graduates with no experience. We try to cater for everyone. So, if you have two degrees and you’re looking for masters in human resources jobs, or you’re just looking for graduate jobs human resources with little experience required, we can help launch your career. Upload your CV to our site and our recruitment team will be in touch!