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Graduate admin jobs

  • Curious about starting a career in administration but not sure what kind of admin opportunities are available? Business administration refers to the supervision and management of the operational workings of an organisation. Administrative roles can vary from cross-departmental jobs such as an Office Manager or Personal Assistant, to department-specific admin positions like Sales Administrator or Marketing Operations Assistant.

    The responsibilities of admin roles vary depending on the wider structure and aims of a business, as well as the seniority level of the role itself. Most graduates interested in admin careers will be looking to apply for junior admin jobs, so let’s take a closer look at the responsibilities of some of the most popular junior admin positions…

    Executive/Personal Assistant – An EA or PA is generally responsible for managing the schedules and communications of senior executives, such as the CEO of their company. This can include (but is not limited to) extensive inbox & diary management, scheduling internal and external calls and meetings and any other key assignments. EAs and PAs are often responsible for preparing and drafting correspondence, booking meeting rooms/video meetings and data entry such as minute-taking.

    Office Assistant – The role of an office assistant is not too dissimilar from an EA/PA, but is much more company-wide. An Office Assistant is usually responsible for answering inbound calls to the office as well as welcoming in-person client. The Office Assistant will play a key role in assisting with company events organisation, liaising with cleaning staff on office maintenance, ensuring any necessary office equipment/refreshments is well stocked, alongside general office support such as data entry and management of the company CRM system.

    Payroll Officer – As the name suggests, a payroll officer is responsible for ensuring that staff payroll, alongside company expenses and taxes, is paid correctly and on time. This roll is also in charge of coordinating timekeeping and payroll systems, processing any payroll changes (new hires, salary increases), keeping accurate records and preparing internal pay reports. Importantly, they are also responsible for ensuring company compliance with relevant laws, tax obligations and internal policies (such as staff discounts, paid holiday) are met.

    Whether you’re after masters in public administration jobs or more entry level roles, all administrative jobs are essential to the proper functioning of a business. If you’re ready to kickstart your career as a Junior Administrator, there’s plenty of graduate administration jobs on our website awaiting your application!

  • If you’re looking for junior administration jobs but are worried about apply due to lack of experience – don’t worry! There are plenty of employers looking to fill administration jobs with no experience required from graduates. Such roles tend to be labelled as entry level administrator jobs, meaning that they are suitable first-time roles that necessitate little-to-no industry related experience. What matters most to employers hiring graduates in entry level admin jobs is that graduates possess a set of transferable skills that will enable them to succeed regardless of their experience level.

    Those in junior administrator jobs often responsible for a wide variety of daily tasks, from CRM management to scheduling calls/meetings. As such, graduates looking for admin opportunities will need to show that they have proven organisational and time-management skills, and an ability to multitask. Admin graduate jobs also require great communicators who have the ability to easily build rapport, as the role is often based heavily around answering inbound calls, scheduling meetings with internal and external stakeholders, as well as welcoming in-person clients to the office. Other skills necessary for grad admin jobs include attention to detail, numerical skills, proactivity, and knowledge of Microsoft office. So, to be clear, admin jobs with no experience requirements still have a set of skills requirements that are asked of graduates.

    To secure an admin job without experience, aspiring graduates will need to evidence their transferable skills in the form of a degree, extra-curricular activities or work experience (related or not). It’s great if you have a degree in Business Administration or Business Management, but if you don’t there are other ways of showcasing your skills. For instance, your time as Treasurer for your university football team could evidence numerical admin skills. Or, your work experience in a retail environment could show your ability to multi-task well.

    Our team of graduate recruitment experts are on-hand to help you determine how best to utilise your transferable skills to successfully apply to junior administrative jobs. To take full advantage of our services, all you need to do is create a profile and upload your CV to our site – it’s that easy!

  • Business administration is the backbone of every company, from startups to global corporations. Great admin professionals are therefore perceived as necessary for any successful business, and are highly valued. The advantage of this, for those looking to build a career in administration, is that there will always be a large range of good admin job options available.

    Although companies do not tend to offer admin graduate schemes, this does not mean that graduates in administrative jobs experience slow career progression. In most junior admin roles, you are given a lot of authority from day one. For instance, as a Payroll Officer, you have the vital task of making sure that staff payroll, company expenses and tax obligations are all corrently accounted for and paid on time – that is a huge responsibility. As such, graduates in these roles can experience quick progression to management positions within the first few years of their career. In this instance, the progression to Payroll Manager could be achieved within 2-3 years.

    In terms of pay progression, this is rises at a competitive rate with seniority. An entry level Executive Assistant would likely be on a salary of anywhere between £20k-25k, depending on locality. A Senior Executive Assistant, with a few years of industry experience, could see a salary of around £35k-40k. In terms of career paths, a top administrative official could progress to ‘Head of Operations’ or ‘Director of ‘Administration Director’ that offer salaries of £65k and beyond!

    If you’re ready to move on from your entry level admin job, you can secure a more senior graduate admin roles online by utilising our expert recruitment team – what are you waiting for?