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Business Consultant graduate jobs & schemes

  • Considering a career in business consultancy but still not 100% clear on what a business consultant does? Put simply, a business consultant – sometimes known as a management consultant – is a professional whose job it is to provide expertise and advice to improve an area of a business. Overall, the aim of a business consultant is to utilise their specialist knowledge to increase a company’s profits, add value in a particular area of a business and/or resolve any issues that are directly impeding the effectiveness of a business’ operations.

    Though some business consultant jobs will be more generalist, helping to oversee the building of a company-wide strategy, careers in business consultancy can also be specifically tailored to helping certain business areas achieve their aims, such as sales, finance, marketing, management etc. A business consultant can work internally, providing services to departments and individuals within their own organisation. Or, as is more often the case, a business consultant will work externally as part of an agency or consultancy firm. These client-based jobs in business consultancy involves providing expertise on a temporary, fee basis. Usually, business consultants of this ilk work with multiple clients on a simultaneous basis.

    In terms of the day-to-day, business consultant positions tend to involve (but are not limited to) the following:

    • Researching and integrating directly into client businesses, working closely with their senior management professionals to understand the inner workings of the business
    • Acquiring and maintaining deep product knowledge and skills
    • Analysing data and statistics to build insight reports
    • Drive data-focused decision making
    • Preparing and presenting strategy proposals
    • Originating and supporting new business initiatives
    • Proposing and leading the implementation of solutions to problem areas of the business
    • Liaising with clients, responding to requests, and supporting the mitigation of any concerns

    In short, the role of a business consultant is to use their expertise to help a business to succeed. As such, a business consultant career can be very rewarding. If careers in consulting sound like something you could be interested in, why not take a closer look at the business consultant opportunities currently available on our website – our application process is super simple.

  • The most obvious skill that is necessary for Business Consultants working at a junior level is problem-solving. Although as an entry level business consultant you may not necessarily be taking the lead on improving problem areas by implementing proposed business solutions, you will still be expected to use your critical thinking abilities to contribute to the wider process. For instance, you could be responsible for building an insights report that analyses internal data to inform the senior business consultant’s budget proposal. Being able to identify possible problem areas in such reports and make suggestions is a key skill for any budding consultant.

    Relatedly, junior business consultants will need to be comfortable handling data and metrics. Being able to perform data analysis is vital in business consultancy in order to be able to identify process transformation opportunities. Analysing data is the best way to accurately assess a business’ success rate in terms of return of investment and so forth. Data analysis also enables consultants to identify trends and make predictions about a business’ future. Being familiar with business data and statistics is therefore a common trait required by employers looking to hire graduates in consulting roles.

    On the other end of the scale, a soft-skill that is just as important to jobs in consulting is communication skills. Business consultants are often responsible for delivering quite stark reports on client’s businesses, and sometimes be proposing quite drastic changes to solve identified issues within a business. A successful business consultant will be able to deliver such proposals with sensitivity, and have the emotional intelligence to understand that there are people that can be affected by their proposal, and nuances that cannot be navigated by simple statistics.

    Overall, there are a wide variety of skills that are needed in consulting graduate jobs. If you think your CV matches the skills mentioned above, upload it to our website by registering a profile with us and apply to our entry level consulting jobs!

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