Temp to perm recruitment

Hiring temporary staff in the UK.

Many candidates are hired from just 1 or 2 application stages. Knowing you’ve got the right candidate can be difficult… and making a permanent hire can sometimes feel risky.

Sound familiar? ‘Temp to perm hiring’ could be a good route for you to take.


Over 85% of temporary roles we fill turn into permanent hires.

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What is temp to permanent hiring?

We call it ‘try before you buy’.

Hire a temporary member of staff with a short 1-6 month trial period.

Assess that they’re up to the job and then decide whether to hire them for a permanent role.

Our temp-to-perm hiring strategy

How it works

Planning & strategy

You’ll be assigned an Account Manager (an expert in your industry) who will work with you to understand the type of candidates you’re looking for.

Valuable resources

You’ll have access to our database of exceptional candidates and our wealth of graduate recruitment expertise, all at an affordable rate.

No up-front costs

No large fees, without compromising on quality. You’ll pay a temporary contract retainer each month, then pay a reduced rate if you decide to transition to permanent.

Benefits of hiring temporary employees

Considering temp to perm hiring for your company? Here are some of the great benefits of hiring temporary staff for your business…

Reduces hiring risk

Temp-to-perm hiring is not just based on a few interview rounds. A short trial period allows you to see the candidates’ suitability, before potentially offering them a permanent job.

Flexible hiring

If you don’t wish to hire, the placement ends. We can then either look for someone else or stop the process if you decide that the role isn’t a full-time opportunity.

Easing the growth transition

One of the advantages of hiring temporary workers is that if you wish to change to a permanent contract, the transition period can be smooth and easy as they’ll already be integrated into the business.

Open the market

A temp to perm solution could widen market for you. If you’re replacing a mid-level employee, do you need that experience level again? Or could someone junior but enthusiastic, without any previous ‘bad habits’ be ideal?

Improved performance levels

Temp-to-perm hires will most likely be eager to secure a permanent position and so willing to go the extra mile to show their dedication.

Employees can evaluate their fit

Hiring workers on a temporary basis gives them the opportunity to see if the company fits well for their own career development. So, you’ll be taking on permanent employees who are passionate and committed to the business.

How to implement temp to hire successfully

As a temp to hire agency specialising in graduate recruitment, we’re invested in helping businesses successfully onboard temp hires to help ensure our candidates are looked after, perform their best and go on to receive permanent contracts with our clients. Here’s how to ensure you create an environment that allows temp staff to thrive.

Make proper introductions

When onboarding temp-to-perm staff, it’s crucial that they’re properly introduced to team members they’ll be working with, just as new permanent hires would be.

Assign a mentor

New office environments can be hectic (even remote), so establishing a business mentoring programme can ensure temp-to-perm employees are supported and have a point of contact they can go to with any queries.

Be transparent about progression

Be honest and realistic about the chances of the role becoming permanent. Whether it depends on demand after the trial period or employee performance, it’s in everyone’s best interests to let your temp workforce know.

Be clear on responsibilities

To ensure your temp to perm employees contribute efficiently, be clear on responsibilities from the outset. Demonstrate the quality and quantity of work expected and how their role fits into the bigger picture.

Elicit effective teamwork

Treating hires as part of the team and properly onboarding them will help them feel settled in their role and show they are valued – all helping to boost motivation and performance.

Organise regular check-ins

Organise periodic check-ins to see how they are doing, if they require any additional training, and if there are any shortcomings that need to be addressed.

Set clear expectations

It’s a good idea to set achievable targets, especially if a role transitioning to permanent depends on employee performance. Outlining how to pass probation and gain a permanent contract is a great way to boost performance.

Provide relevant training

It’s important to provide your temp to perm workers with the training and resources required for excellent performance and to achieve their targets.

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Questions about temp-to-perm recruitment

  • For most temp to perm contracts, the initial temp trial period will be somewhere between 0-6 months. The duration of the trial period can be stopped at any time and easily changed to a permanent contract – this tends to happen when temp staff meet the criteria or conditions set by the employer.

    As such, the timeline for the switch from temporary to permanent varies from business to business. However, there are common scenarios in which businesses transition an employee from a temp to perm position:


    1. Evaluation Period: The temporary employee is initially hired for a trial or evaluation period, during which their performance, work ethic, and compatibility with the organisation’s culture and values are assessed. If the employee meets or exceeds expectations during this period, they may be offered permanent employment.
    2. Contractual Agreement: The temporary employment contract may include provisions outlining the conditions for transitioning to permanent status. These conditions could include completing a specific number of hours, meeting performance targets, or successfully fulfilling the objectives of the temporary assignment. Once temp hires meet these conditions, the employer may extend a permanent job offer to the temporary employee.
    3. Job Opening: If a permanent job opening becomes available within the business that aligns with the skills and qualifications of the temporary employee, they may be considered for that position. If the employee is deemed a good fit for the role, they may be offered permanent employment without going through a separate evaluation period.


    With temp to perm hiring, the flexibility works both ways. If you do not wish to hire temporary staff on a more permanent basis during or after the trial period, there is no obligation to do so. 

    If you’re looking to hire temp workers, get in touch to find out how our temp to perm agency can solve your temporary to permanent hiring needs.

  • Temporary recruitment is slightly different to temp-to-perm, although sometimes the terms are used interchangeably.

    Temporary workers, also called temps or contractors, are employed by specialised temporary recruiting agencies (such as an office temp agency), which acts as an intermediary between the workers and the business in need of additional personnel.

    Temporary hires are usually only employed for seasonal spikes or for short-term projects. Whereas temp to perm staff are hired with the view of eventually becoming a permanent employee.

    Temporary staffing is commonly used by companies to quickly fill gaps in their workforce and maintain productivity without the long-term commitment associated with permanent employment.

    So, the key difference with temporary vs permanent hiring is that the former focuses on solving a staffing issue in the short-term, whereas the latter focuses on long-term employee investment.

  • No matter how well-structured and thorough a hiring process is, sometimes a candidate who interviews with ease and has a great CV may end up being a poor fit for the role.

    This can cost the company time and resources in both the short and long term. The advantage of enlisting a temp hiring agency to kickstart your temp-to-perm recruitment process is that it brings an ability to ‘trial’ new hires.

    Temp to hire agencies are able to place a candidate in your working environment on a trial basis, so that you can assess their capabilities first-hand and see if they fit with the existing team without having to commit to a permanent contract.

    Start hiring temporary staff with the help of our expert recruitment services!

  • Due to temp to perm contract law, temp employees still have temporary contract rights – whether temporary or permanent, workers should always have the same high working conditions. They are also entitled to benefits such as annual leave and sick pay.

    Temporary employees who are hired on a temp to perm contract have the benefit of spending time learning about their role and the ethos of the company, and then assessing if the role is right for them before committing to a permanent contract.

  • So, what is temp to hire and how is it different to temp to perm? The answer is, they’re the same thing.

    It’s a job role in which the candidate is initially hired temporarily or with a “probation period”, but with the intention of becoming permanent if they perform well and “pass” probation.

    With our temp-to-perm hiring services, candidates have a 1-6 month trial period (your choice), allowing you to make a well-educated and informed decision about whether to make a permanent hire based on a candidate’s performance in real life work situations.

  • A temp to perm staffing strategy can suit companies of all shapes and sizes across many industries.

    Once familiar with the role and trained with your policies and procedures, it is an easy transition to a permanent role which allows companies to better accommodate growth without disruptions.

    This makes it a great option for start-ups looking to hire on a temporary basis, as temp to perm hires can get stuck straight into projects without the need for further orientation.

    Something that does need to be considered, however, is that as a new addition to the company and potentially their first job, they will require good support and guidance.

    Our temp-to-perm hiring process provides employers with support in onboarding graduate temporary workers to ensure they’re integrated efficiently, thus retaining staff for longer.

  • Hiring with a temp to perm recruitment strategy means your business can benefit from high-performance levels of temporary workers looking to impress.

    Their hardworking nature can also help motivate and improve your permanent employees’ performance levels.

    Having worked closely with graduates for over 10 years, at Give a Grad a Go, we know graduates possess a hunger to learn and want to prove themselves from day one.

    This drive makes graduates a great fit for startups, helping you to reduce staffing costs whilst also improving the work rate of the team.

    If you’re looking to hire temporary employees for your startup, get in touch today.