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When you are recruiting staff there is a lot you need to consider. You will need to think about the individual’s suitability for the role, their ability to fit into the company culture as well as the value they can bring to your business.

With over 10 years’ experience recruiting top graduates; we know what qualities and soft skills are required in a good employee.

Give A Grad A Go have come up with a definitive list of the top qualities to look for in an employee. Good employee qualities go beyond matching the job description.

Our expert recruiters would advise that you should look at 3 main categories when hiring employees; the candidate’s personal skills, professional skills and their suitability to your business.

1. Personal Skills

Excellent written and verbal communication

Communication skills are vital across all industries and sectors. A good employee will be able to communicate clearly what they are doing and why they are doing it. They will also be able to clearly understand when others converse with them, whether that be their colleagues, clients or suppliers.

Autonomous way of working

Having the ability to work in a role independently is another important attribute. Asking questions when necessary, but trying to seek the answers out using their own initiative first, is a great quality to have as an employee. This in particular is ideal for managers as it saves time for them and the employee will likely to be given more responsibility which can help their career progression.

Active listening skills

If the candidate you are interviewing is a good listener, then they are likely to also be a fast learner. This is because they will be able to proactively hear and retain information they have heard and apply it to their work, utilising it productively for the advantage of the company.

If you are looking to find an employee with strong active listening skills, we recommend setting some tasks during the graduate interview process, to test candidate’s listening skills. This is also a good way to measure candidate’s interest in the role, as people tend to more easily retain information they have an interest in.

Confidence in their abilities

There are benefits to hiring extroverted employees and benefits to hiring introverted employees. If your employee has a good balance and the confidence to be able to execute projects, pose questions and voice new ideas and opinions, then they could be a valuable asset to your company.

Positive attitude and outlook

While some roles require specific training or qualifications, a soft skill that will be beneficial in every industry is positivity.

If your employees build a positive attitude in your company then this will increase motivation, productivity and employee satisfaction.

Positivity is a key thing to look out for in an employee, and it is it your responsibility to keep your employees motivated and happy by offering incentives and acknowledging their positive mind-set.

Why not reward ‘Employee of the Month’, to show recognition of good attitude. It’s no secret that any employee would love to be rewarded for their services, so it makes sense to think about team incentives and look for the perfect corporate gift at Successories.

2. Professional Skills

Flexible and open

An employee that can be flexible and open to change will add a lot of value to your company. Recently, more companies are adopting a flexible approach in their company culture.

Some companies have chosen to offer unlimited holiday days whilst other companies offer flexible working hours. Find out at interview stages if candidates would be comfortable working outside their usual hours on occasion, particularly if you know this will be a regular occurrence in the role.

Strong work ethic

When you’re hiring Australia-based graduates, one thing you can be certain of is their strong work ethic. The graduates that we work with are enthusiastic and keen to prove their worth in their first graduate job, and they often have an impressive portfolio to prove this at interview stages.

If you think you might recruit graduates either now or in the future, get in touch with us today and we can demonstrate the quality and strong work ethic of the candidates we work with.

Respectful attitude

As an employer, it is important to be respected by your employees. Whilst it is somewhat difficult to gauge candidates’ levels of respect in a short interview, it is still a good idea to look out for this trait in the way that they compose themselves and in the manor that they speak to you.

If you feel as though a candidate has a lack of respect for the role or your company then you should see this as a red flag during the recruitment process.

Respect works both ways, however, knowing how to be a good manager will set an example for your employees, enabling them to understand how to be a good employee in return and will help to avoid conflict in the long run.

Leadership skills

Depending on the job role you are hiring for, leadership skills can be a useful trait to look out for, particularly if there is opportunity for professional development in the job, taking lead on projects or taking on a managerial role.

It is also a good idea to have a career progression plan in place for the job you’re recruiting in, in case this is a question the candidate asks at the interview.

If your employee wants to learn how to be a good leader at work, you could offer the opportunity to shadow other staff members or take part in training.

Ability to be proactive

Being proactive is an admirable quality for an employee to have. An employee who can work independently and organize their time to reach optimum efficiency for your company is invaluable.

Employees who find ways to work faster and better and use skills they have learnt to improve the way they work are examples of outstanding employees.

3. Suitability for your business

Cultural fit

When you are looking to hire new staff it is important to question whether they will be a good cultural fit.

The cultural fit meaning can be vague, but the definition of a cultural fit focuses on the employee’s beliefs and behaviours being in alignment with their employer’s core values and company culture.

It is of course important to ensure you hire a diverse workforce, but having workplace morals that align helps to reduce staff turnover.

We would advise that employers ensure that they address this in the interview process, thinking about the candidate’s personality and working style.

This will also help ensure that the employee hired will have higher job satisfaction, thus likely to stay at your company for longer.

Team player

Choosing the right team members should positively affect the atmosphere of your company workplace and should boost morale within the team. This will have positive long-term effects for your company as productivity will build profitability.

During the hiring process, you can screen candidates based on their personality traits and team building assessment projects, to test the candidate’s ability to work and communicate in a team and own their own.

Assessment days can be a great way to assess whether candidates can work well in a team, however they are more suited if you are thinking of hiring multiple employees as they can be more time-consuming if you are only looking to make a single hire.

Aligned values

During the recruitment process, ensure that you are asking the individual about their values to see if they align to those of your company. This can be sought out during the interview process using personality quizzes, face-to-face interviews and tasks.

Recruitment Agencies help to speed this process up, as they speak to candidates and assess whether they feel the candidate’s values support your company’s morals and standards, before putting them forward in a shortlist to you.

Innovative mindset

Innovation is a desirable skill for any business looking to grow and develop. For start-up companies who are hiring, innovation is a key attribute to look for when you are recruiting graduates.

The graduates that we work with are keen to excel in their career, take on new responsibilities and gain experience and knowledge.

Our graduate candidates get stronger year on year; what they can offer you are their innovative ideas and fresh ways of thinking, enabling you to continue to improve your current processes.

During the hiring process, look for candidates who are constantly coming up with new ideas and have a genuine interest in your company.

Whether you employ average or great employees, will have a direct impact on whether your business will be average or great, which is why it’s so important to get it right.

At Give A Grad A Go we have a diverse and varied pool of potential talent, working across more than 15 different sectors ranging from Finance to Marketing.

Having recruited thousands of graduates since 2009, our expert recruiters are aware of the qualities of a good employee.

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