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Have you hired graduates before or offered a graduate program?

Typically, many large, global companies offer graduates schemes in Australia and around the world.

With competitive salaries and structured career development plans, there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider offering a graduate program, no matter what your company size.

It really is one of the best ways to attract recent graduates in Australia to junior and entry-level roles.

As an employer, there are many reasons why you should consider hiring graduates in Australia; they are a ‘fresh canvas’ ready to mould to your workplace processes and ways of working, graduates offer a fresh perspective and also tends to be more affordable than hiring individuals with years of experience.


Companies, from large corporations to SMEs and start-up firms, hire graduates because of the mutual gain for both the graduate and the employer.

Graduates are attracted to the opportunity of having responsibility in a company, develop their skills and gain experience.

The benefits of hiring graduates for the employer are in abundance, but we have compiled of the most important reasons to hire graduates and grow your business with excellent, first-class talent.




Top 9 reasons to offer a graduate program:


1. Graduate programs are an affordable hiring option

The opportunities and experience employees gain from working at your company are priceless to a recent graduate.

Graduates will value opportunity and responsibility as much as a competitive salary and will be willing to make sacrifices financially.

Generally, graduates will begin on lower salaries than experienced hires, but their potential value to the company is unlimited.

In a survey we conducted on candidates, ‘salary’ was ranked 3rd on the list of ‘what is most important in a job’, falling below ‘learning and development’ and ‘growth opportunities’.


2. Bridging the gap between university and work

Early career graduates are keen to gain experience, knowledge and skills within your company.

Offering a more structured graduate programme rather than just a graduate job, will help to transition recent graduates with little experience but strong potential.

If your company has a good, clear career progression plan, then it is highly likely that graduates will work extremely hard during the graduate program, to impress you as an employer and to increase their chances of promotion after the program has ended.


3. Talent Identification

The pool of graduates that a specialist graduate recruitment agency like Give A Grad A Go can offer is competitive, varied and diverse.

Give A Grad A Go have connections to some of the best graduates in Australia who possess soft skills and core transferable skills which will benefit your business.


Graduate transferable skills:

  • Written and Oral Communication
  • Problem-Solving
  • Presentation skills
  • Organisation and time management
  • Data Analysis
  • Strong work ethic
  • Up-to-date and innovative ideas
  • Technology skills
  • Willingness to learn
  • Flexibility
  • Energy and drive to succeed
  • Ability to multi-tasking


4. Solid Business Model

Having a strong graduate program is a great way to introduce new employees to a long term, successful and structured career development scheme for your business.

This will be good for your overall business model and help to structure the progression of your employees. Investing time in your employees from a graduate level will help improve staff retention rates and the development for your company as a whole.


5. Fresh perspectives and innovation

Graduates will have a fresh and innovative perspective which can be invaluable to your company, especially if they have a better idea of your market audience.

Graduate employees are likely to question the way things work, offer solutions and be pro active in with their suggestions.

Because they haven’t already been acclimatised to the company culture, they may be able to spot flaws and improve processes in your company.


6. Opportunity to grow your business

Graduates want responsibility and the opportunity to present and execute their ideas could be invaluable to your business when you are trying to grow your business.

Graduate programs are a brilliant way to attract the best graduates in Australia. Creating a graduate scheme which is solid and well planned, will help to build your business potential and attract the best candidates to help your company grow.


7. Competitive Backgrounds

The pool of talent that Give A Grad A Go can resource for your company is high competitive.

Being a graduate is not just about having a degree or other qualifications, there are often many other impressive and competitive experience and skills that they can offer, such as self-motivational skills and independence.

Our recruitment experts at Give A Grad A Go are able to hand-pick and suggest graduates who’s skill perfectly match your company’s criteria.


8. Diversified workforce

Diversity in the workplace is important for your company to obtain different perspectives, attitudes and qualities.

A diverse team will bring varied talents and ideas to improve your productivity and give your company a competitive edge.

Your graduate scheme will automatically provide you with the benefits of hiring junior staff and obtaining talent from a wide range of degrees and backgrounds.

There are so many more benefits of diversity in the workplace, watch our video to find out:




9. Company Value

A successful graduate program will be a great way to brand your company. If you know how to build a successful graduate scheme, then it will add value to your company.

Students looking for jobs will be aware of the benefits of a graduate scheme, middle-level employees will know they have motivated talent to work with, and senior staff can explore the graduate scheme for excellence and career development.


If you’re interested in offering graduate programs in Australia, get in touch today to find out how we can help you employ staff from our diverse talent pool, who exceed your expectations:


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