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Work in startups: UK startups jobs for graduates

  • As London continues to thrive with a growing number of new UK startups and a buzzing tech scene, there has never been a better time to begin searching for startup jobs.

    At Give a Grad a Go, we offer junior startup jobs for new graduates as well as startup careers for graduates who are looking for their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th career moves, with various startup manager jobs available in a variety of different sectors.

    We are the UK’s leading multi-sector graduate recruitment agency, having placed thousands of graduates in a broad range of roles, we are certain that we can help find the right job for you. Whether you’re looking for sales jobs in startups or creative startup jobs, we work hard to ensure you are matched to the right startup role, within an industry that you are passionate about.

    There are so many benefits of working for a startup early in your career, click the dropdown menus below to find out more.

  • What are some working for a startup pros?

    • Greater responsibilities – great for your CV
    • Quickly develop new skills – able to take your ideas from initial stages to completion
    • Opportunities for experience in other areas of the business
    • Directly contributing to the success – hugely satisfying and everything you do will be noticed
    • Variation of interesting activities – able to shape your own role
    • Excellent opportunities for career progression – reach managerial positions quicker
    • Learning directly from the startup Founder and influential entrepreneurs
    • Often, startups offer nice perks and have great company cultures
    • Teamwork is at the essence of a startup environment with small, tight-knit teams

    Read about more of the rewarding benefits of working in a startup. Visit our blog page for other useful resources for graduates looking for jobs.

  • Two graduates we’ve previously placed speak about their experience of working in startups.

    Suzanne Goddard – “I got my first graduate job through Give a Grad a Go, a Marketing Executive job for a tech startup company in London. We were a team of 5 and we were all fully invested in the success and growth of the business. It is so rewarding to see the direct results of new ideas I have or things I achieve, instead of just being a cog in the wheel or a small fish in a big pond, how some of my friends have said it sometimes feels like working in larger companies.” 

    Amaan Dhami“I would say I have definitely progressed in my career quicker than some of my other university friends. I have now been working here for 17 months and got a promotion to Marketing Manager two months ago, so a big thank you for helping me get this opportunity!”

    If you’re a driven and ambitious graduate who enjoys working in a fast-paced ‘all-hands-on-deck’ environment, you should consider getting a job in a startup. Apply above or get in touch if you’d like to speak to one of our Specialist Graduate Recruitment Consultants.

  • So you’ve graduated from university, now how do you start working for a startup company? You don’t necessarily need previous work experience or a degree to work in startups (although it helps!) We place both graduates and non-graduates in startup jobs UK-wide. If working for startups appeals to you, read on to find out our top tips on how to get a job in a startup.

    How to work in startups: Tips for landing the best startup jobs

    1. Make your CV stand out – check out our graduate and student CV hub for CV tips, cover letter examples, and free CV templates to download for a range of graduate jobs.
    2. Register to a recruitment website and recieve job alerts tailored specifically to your interests.
    3. Get your digital brand up to scratch (in particular, create a good LinkedIn profile)
    4. Complete an internship – although this isn’t a necessity if you’re looking for jobs in London startups, it will look good on your CV and it will give you some insight into the industries or roles you like and dislike.
    5. Volunteer to help a small company – volunteering helps to boost your employability (for example, offer to set up and run their social media channels).
    6. Alongside your startup job hunt, spend some time completing an online course to help you upskill.

    If you’re keen to pursue a career in startups, Give a Grad a Go are happy to help. Read more about our graduate recruitment process, or take a look at some of the startup career opportunities in London and across the UK on this page, ranging from digital marketing jobs in startups, FinTech, and finance startup jobs, to non-tech startup jobs

  • What is a typical salary for London startup jobs? If you’ve never had a startup job, you may notice there are some common misconceptions around startup salaries, namely that they will be very low. However, this is not the case, particularly for the startup companies that we work with. Our startup jobs salaries range from around £20,000p/a up to around £60,000p/a.

    Salaries for startup jobs in London tend to be slightly higher than jobs outside of the city. However, this is also true for medium and large companies in London too, with the average living cost being higher.

    At Give a Grad a Go, we work with startups to ensure that all salaries offered are fair, and with opportunities for career progression being so high in startups, this means that the opportunities for salary increases are too. Scroll up to check out our UK startup job vacancies!