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Hi, I’m Christina, the newest Talent Consultant at Give a Grad a Go.

Have you seen a lot of customer success roles advertised recently and not entirely sure what that role is? You are not the only one.

What is customer success?

Customer success is any effort a business undertakes that’s aimed to help customers be more successful. The task of enabling customer success can encompass a variety of skills including communication, problem solving, and marketing.

It’s a key player in driving revenue growth and the crux for companies to thrive.

So, it’s no surprise that customer success is quickly becoming one of our most popular roles.

Graduate tech jobs are continuing to grow immensely, and so too are the customer success roles.

It’s a great first step to gain experience in an exciting tech space.

Having previously worked in a customer success role, I can definitely attest to this!


What are the benefits of working in customer service/ customer success?

  • Build confidence to communicate with a range of people and personalities.
  • You’ll make a real difference in the company and have the feeling of helping people.
  • Careers in Customer Success will help to improve your problem-solving skills.
  • Little to no prior experience is required for an entry level customer success job.
  • Build transferable skills, great for roles in marketing and sales.
  • Learn to use different communications platforms e.g. phone, email, live chat, Whatsapp, texting, social media and more!
  • Opportunities for remote customer service jobs.
  • Start building a network of contacts.
  • Improve organisation skills & time management.
  • You’ll be on your way to a Customer Success Manager career path.


Why did I choose to work in customer success?

There is so much scope for discovering and developing the skills you enjoy the most.

I studied business and kept my options broad. I knew what I enjoyed; I loved customer interaction, problem-solving and helping people.

When an opportunity to work in a high-growth tech events company came up I jumped at it.

As almost all teams in a company contribute to the customer experience, I got to explore a variety of sectors and identify my strengths.


Want to work in the tech industry?

It was a great way to break into the thriving tech industry. I didn’t have a technology background but I had strong customer service and interpersonal skills.

Learning the product and industry is important but that can be taught.


What does a customer success role look like?

What is it like working in customer service? My role was to enable startups to achieve success at tech events.

The more successful my clients were, the more successful I was!

Every day I was communicating with a range of people. It involved:

  • Building relationships with customers to understand what success meant to them.
  • Using data and feedback to identify opportunities to improve experience.
  • Producing ideas and event initiatives to enhance customer success.
  • Collaborating with teams including the sales, marketing, production, app. development, engineering and data science teams.
  • Problem solving for any issues that may arise for customers.


How much is a customer success salary in Australia?

Salaries for Customer Success roles for entry-level/ junior or graduate positions range from around $50,000 – $70,000 per year often plus super and/or bonus or commission.

Our client’s graduate Customer Success and Customer Service roles have an average salary of $55,900.


How much is a Customer Success Manager salary in Australia?

Customer Success Manager salaries range from around $80,000 per year in Brisbane to around $95,000 per year for Customer Success Manager jobs in Melbourne.


Customer service interview questions and sample answers

I’ve written a few Customer Success interview answers to help you structure your own answers and ace your interview!


  • ‘What do you enjoy about working in customer service?’ Answer:

“What attracts me to pursue a career in customer service is the rewarding element of helping individuals every day.

Putting a smile on someone’s face and helping to make the process smooth and simple is satisfying and you really feel like you’re making a real impact in reflecting the company’s image in a positive way.”


  • ‘Why do you want to work here?’ Customer Service answers:

“One of the key reasons I’d love to work for your company is that I think it is a company that I would be truly proud of – from looking at all your excellent reviews online it’s clear that the service you provide customers goes above and beyond what other companies provide in your industry.”


  • ‘Why should we hire you with no experience for a customer success role?’

“I feel that I have many transferrable skills that I can bring to the Customer Service opportunity at your company.

My people skills learnt in the psychology course at university and confidence strengthened through the drama classes I attended on weekends throughout university, make me the perfect candidate for the job.

I have excellent problem-solving skills and it is in my nature to go above and beyond when helping others and I would love the opportunity to show you.”


What are some common customer service job title synonyms?

  • Customer Success Associate
  • Customer Experience Executive
  • Client Success Specialist
  • Customer Support Executive
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Client Experience Specialist
  • Customer Service Advisor
  • Client Success Executive
  • Customer Success Consultant
  • Graduate Customer Service Executive
  • Customer Success Specialist
  • Client Success Manager
  • Junior Customer Success Executive
  • Client Experience Consultant
  • Customer Success Advisor
  • Customer Services Manager
  • Client Services Consultant
  • Client Services Advisor


So, to summarise my experience working in client success…

Customer success gave me a wealth of experience and direction in what I wanted from my career!

I realised I loved helping clients find success through my communication skills which led me to Give A Grad A Go – connecting graduates to awesome emerging companies, including startups!


If this resonates for you, check out our latest customer success role here:

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