Careers that create impact: Align your values

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Your values are never second to your career…

Join us on 21st of June to hear from a panel of career and industry experts about aligning your personal values with your job.

Our very own Camilla and Cynthia – recruitment gurus! – will be joined by climate specialist Alexander Horton, the founder of econome!

In this online talk, you’ll learn how to identify your values and how to seek them out in companies to find a truly aligned role.

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This completely FREE, online event is a facilitated workshop run by career experts.

We will help you find careers that you are truly passionate about.

By learning how to identify your values and understanding how to seek them out in companies, you’ll get a much better picture of the shape your career can take.

We’ll also provide tips & tricks on how to navigate the interview process.

Meet like-minded people at the start of their careers, and expect hands-on activities to explore your values practically.

You’ll leave the experience with a better sense of how to job hunt.

Expand your toolkit, and learn the practical frameworks to help you go after roles that genuinely align with your values.

We’re here to help – so be prepared to ask questions to all the experts in this interactive session!

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