Expert recruitment for startups

Fast, flexible, scalable recruiting.

You’ve invested in your vision, now it’s time to invest in your team. With over a decade in startup recruitment, we’ve perfected our hiring solution for scale-ups.

We’ve helped hundreds of startups hire their very first graduate, and seen a number of these businesses go on to hire their 100th… and more.

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Hiring for startups, we make it easy.

Providing startup recruitment services for thousands of businesses worldwide, we know how to hire for startups of every shape, size, and sector.

Working on a tight budget, short on time or aiming for quick growth? Our process makes startup hiring fast. Plus, we protect our clients with a free replacement should your first hire not work out, so your investment is in safe hands.

We cover all advertising, marketing, and resourcing costs. Yep, that’s startup recruiting with no upfront costs.


Excellent at providing intelligent and passionate candidates for Vollebak. They’re very responsive and have made the recruitment process easy and efficient, handling everything from sourcing candidate CVs and getting candidate tasks completed, through to quick interview turnarounds and hiring.

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Tom – Customer Marketing Director, Vollebak

Why should startups hire graduates?

Our surveys consistently show that graduates care about career development and training just as much as they do salary, making graduates great startup hires for businesses struggling to compete with the higher salaries offered by larger corporates.

Startups recruiting graduates can be sure to find candidates with ambition and drive. Having recently left university, graduates hired by startups are often looking to prove themselves, learn quickly, and are attracted by the opportunity for faster career progression.

Our candidates want to work in startups.

Global brand (250+ with international offices)

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National company (250+ with offices nationwide)

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Medium enterprise (50-249 employees)

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Small enterprise / startup (1-49 employees)

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Here’s how our startup recruiting process works

Startups expand their teams in line with their distinct business goals. That’s why we aim to reflect this in our bespoke startup hiring plans.

But, when using our services to find startup hires, you can always expect the following:


Dedicated Account Manager

You’ll be assigned an Account Manager (an expert in your industry) who will get to know your business, what you’re looking for in a candidate and will construct a project plan.

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Shortlist of candidates

We’ll write SEO-optimised job specs to reflect the candidates you’re looking for. You’ll receive a carefully-selected shortlist of top candidates, who have been spoken to and thoroughly vetted.

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Regular assistance

We’ll be on-hand at every stage of the startup recruitment process, assisting with job description writing, graduate salary benchmarks, interviews, feedback, and contracts.

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Ongoing support

We take pride in nurturing long-term partnerships with startup companies, that go beyond one-time hires, and continue to provide support with startup onboarding.

Expand your startup team

Hire employees for a startup right here. Get in touch and we’ll revolutionise your hiring process.

Questions about startup recruitment

  • Whether you’re making your first hires for a tech startup, or quickly scaling up your small business, the hiring process will differ slightly. But generally, there are some key steps in the process:

    1. Assess hiring requirements
    2. Job description writing
    3. Recruitment strategy plan & implementation
    4. CV screening
    5. Shortlisting candidates
    6. Interviewing candidates
    7. Providing feedback & making offers
    8. Agreeing on contracts & start dates
    9. Employee onboarding

    When we hire for startups, we handle all of the above for you, and we do so on a case-by-case basis. Building a bespoke startup hiring plan, we’ll implement the best recruitment process for startups of all shapes and sizes.

  • We’re proud to be 1000s of companies ‘go-to’ startup recruitment agency. An industry that thrives on innovation and forward-thinking, much like our own business model here at Give a Grad a Go.

    Having specialised in early-stage startup hiring since 2009, we are so supportive of startups and we know grads love working in startups too. Which is why we’re such a good fit.

  • When hiring for startups it can be confusing if you don’t know where to look, particularly when hiring your first employees. Commonly, the first place you might go is to Google: “hiring first employee startup” or “how to hire team for startup”. Well here’s where we’d recommend you start:

    • Job boards for startups
    • Recruitment agency for startups
    • LinkedIn & other social media channels
    • Career services websites for recruiting
    • University career portals

    But even with these tips, it can still be a huge time constraint to find candidates for your startup. That’s where we come in and help. If you’re looking for the best recruitment agencies for startups, you’ve come to the right place. Get in touch today and start hiring for your startup.

    1. Lack of visibility – this can be solved by working on your EVP and employer brand.
    2. Competition for talent – highlight your USP, form an emotional connection and shout about the benefits of startup jobs.
    3. Finding good candidates – your people are your most valuable asset. Consider hiring graduates!
    4. Lack of resources & experience – speak to an agency specialising in recruiting for startups, to significantly widen your talent pool.
    5. Adjusting to scaling up – stay organised and track data in a centralised location.

    With thousands of graduates registered to our website and a high percentage of those seeking opportunities in startups, we’re amongst the best startup recruiters out there.