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I’m a Graduate Recruitment Consultant at Give a Grad a Go, so my role involves matching graduates with exciting companies looking to hire in the UK and across the globe.

My area of expertise

As a Graduate Recruitment Consultant, my role involves being on the phone and chatting with as many grads as possible! Through speaking to grads, I can get a better sense of who they are and what they are about, as well as find out what they are looking for in a future role. This helps the senior consultants better match them with the perfect job opportunity.

Why I chose to work at Give a Grad a Go

Being new to Melbourne, I myself was on a bit of a job hunt and unsure as to which career path I wanted to take.
When I saw the job ad for the recruitment role with Give a Grad a Go I was super excited by the idea of being able to help graduates in the same position that I myself had been in.
I met the Melbourne team and I was immediately in love with the fun and friendly (girl-power) vibe! I couldn’t wait to get on board.

The worst job I’ve had

I’ve had some…interesting jobs in my time..! I used to work in an old-fashioned high-tea restaurant in London and literally had to wear a maid costume to serve customers…
I also had a short career in a Sheesha bar in Cardiff and that was definitely an eye-opener!