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We appreciate that university can be a challenging time. Don’t worry! Whether you’re looking for study tips or need help with managing stress, our student blog is full of resources to help guide you through university and post-graduate life. This is a blog by students for students, which means that all of our student resources come directly from the lived experiences of students themselves! From degree insights to essay guidance, this is the perfect university blog for students in need of a helping hand.

Do you notice any student blog topics that haven’t been covered yet? We’re always open to publishing new student blog ideas as part of our student blog programme. With over 200k hits a month, our student blog programme enables you to have your writing published on one of the most visited careers websites globally. Plus, the best student blog will win $300!

Why write for us?

  • Writing for our student blog site is a great way to gain a basic understanding of search engine optimisation. Every student blogger has the opportunity to collaborate with our marketing team on keyword research to ensure that their addition to the student resources page ranks highly. At the end of the process, our student bloggers receive an analytics report that provides further insight into the impact of SEO on blog performance.

  • Whilst essay writing enables students to develop their academic abilities, writing in a professional capacity requires a different skill set. All of our university student blogs must be on brand, which requires an understanding of tone and style from each student blogger. To achieve this, every student blog draft receives constructive feedback to ensure that the best blog for students is produced.

  • Every student blog that is approved to go on our site is exposed to our audience of 2 million students, graduates, and employers. Each student blog post also contains a dedicated author biography with links to the author’s LinkedIn profile and details of their career ambitions. Alongside this, all of our student blogs receive publicity on our social media channels, reaching our network of 65k connections.

  • Getting your student life blog featured on our website is a great way to evidence your copywriting capabilities to prospective employers. Student blog writers display an ability to work independently whilst also illustrating a capacity for professional collaboration. These transferrable skills will strengthen any CV, regardless of what kind of role or industry you’re aspiring to post-graduation.

  • Blogs for university students need to be well-researched. Whether you’re looking to write a student lifestyle blog or create resources for studying, it’s important that every blog provides an accurate exploration of its chosen topic. In this sense, our student blog programme is a great way to expand your knowledge on a topic you’re passionate about! Looking for student blog post ideas? There are lots of examples of blogs for students on our page – take a look!

  • By writing for our student blog, you are providing online student resources for your university peers. From mental health tips and stress management guides to degree advice and post-graduate insights, producing a student blog is the perfect opportunity to extend a helping hand to your fellow students. Clearly, the benefits of blogging for students outstretches the skills-building benefits!