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Experience isn’t everything: Business benefits of recruiting graduates

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With this year’s graduation ceremonies fast approaching, we have already begun to witness the start of the annual surge in recruitment of university leavers.

And with an increasing number of businesses dipping their toes into the graduate talent pool, we don’t imagine this interest to show signs of slowing down any time soon.

When looking to hire new and enthusiastic team members, businesses often question why they should hire relatively fresh graduates over candidates with more experience.

So we decided to share our ideas on why sometimes, experience isn’t everything.

The business benefits of hiring recent graduates over candidates with more than three years of experience can be divided into two parts; the immediate benefits to hiring managers, and the longer-term benefits to the business, developed over time.


Short-term benefits of recruiting graduates:


1. Their enthusiasm and question asking

You may find your new graduate recruits repeatedly asking ‘Why?’ (Why is it we do it that way? Why don’t we try it this way?).

Their willingness to repeatedly question why, encourages you to analyse your own, possibly dated, approaches.

But while they may ask a lot of questions initially, they are likely to have a keen enthusiasm to get on board with new concepts and ideas.

This often makes graduates easier to manage than more experienced recruits and a fresh set of eyes can introduce new ways of thinking.


2. Graduates’ agility and adaptability

With a rapidly changing business world and new tougher competition always emerging, making your mark means not only being agile but also being able to thrive on fast-paced change.

Luckily for you, recent graduates have a habit and an enthusiasm for trying new things.

This adaptability makes them fantastic candidates for change, able to take on numerous unrelated tasks and frequently switch back and forth.


3. Try-out period reduces permanent hiring risk

It may come as a surprise to read that hiring experienced recruits is often more of a risk than taking on University leavers.

Taking graduates on initially as an internship or placement, allows you to see them in a working capacity prior to making any long-term commitments.

One of the Recruitment Services we offer at Give A Grad A Go is our ‘temp-to-perm’ hiring solutions whereby candidates have a short 1-6 month trial period.

This is great if you’re a start-up looking to make your first hire, or if hiring someone permanently without a trial period seems too risky.

You can start working with graduates now, reduce the strain on teams and then have a much better understanding of people’s capabilities for when the business has the capacity to take them on permanently.

This option also allows new candidates to gain an honest insight into your organisation, ensuring they fit well with the corporate culture.

Long-term benefits of recruiting graduates:


4. Insight, creativity and tech-savvy

University leavers are full of insight into the youth market.

If your business aims to target the younger generation, working alongside graduates allows you a far better understanding of your audience.

We all know that millennials are particularly known for their tech skills and creative ideas when it comes to the digital and technology industry.

You could find this translates into improvements to your products and services, leading to an increase in sales.

Find out more information about our specialist Tech Recruitment Services.


5. Easy to mould and retain with career development prospects

Your graduate recruits are yours, and only yours, to lose.

When hiring a new graduate, you have the chance to keep them forever.

They are a blank canvas so you can mould them and help them learn in a way to fit your business.

If your business treats them well, with great prospects for career development, they may well remain with you for the length of their career.

This rare opportunity is often not presented when hiring more experienced candidates.

Read our tips on how to retain your graduate hires.


6. Management and business ambassadors

Hiring first-level managers externally is often very difficult.

Even if their management skills are strong and they have years of experience, they lack knowledge about your team and your corporate culture.

Entry-level graduate recruits allow you to, in time, promote those top-performing employees to critical, supervisory roles.

Not only will they be great ambassadors for your business but it’s also a brilliant advert to the next generation of talent considering where their career could go within your business.

With such great business benefits for recruiting new talent over experienced pros, it isn’t hard to see why graduate recruitment is on the rise.

It’s time to start engaging with and hiring these new graduates – that’s where we come in.

While we agree that you’ll have positions where this type of new talent simply won’t work, our experience has shown, that there are many roles in which graduates are the perfect fit.

Looking to hire graduates talent? Get in touch today to begin growing your team.


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